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DeMilia Research LLC is a family owned and operated small business that develops web based computer software applications for agricultural pest management and conducts agricultural research experiments on our family farm. Our focus is development of DemiAg, a web based expert system for environmental based forecast models of plant pests, for providing agricultural researchers, farmers, and home gardeners with forecasts for plant diseases and eventually other plant pests. It will be a revolutionary solution to past problems in implementing plant pest models. Furthermore, the DemiAg website will serve as a central repository for plant disease models and a free portal for providing plant disease information to farmers and home gardeners. DeMilia Research LLC is taking the initiative to rejuvenate research on plant pest data collection and modeling. The DeMilia Research Farm is the first such research facility dedicated solely to the comprehensive testing of plant pest models and it is expected to make a significant contribution to such research. Hopefully it will serve as a model for similar future facilities around the world. The knowledge obtained on the DeMilia Research Farm during the conduct of this research should be a considerable contribution to the field of agriculture in itself. The potential impact of the DemiAg expert system on IPM practices, pesticide usage reduction, and economic savings in the United States and throughout the world could be immeasurable. DemiAg will be gradually supplemented with tools for modifying existing plant disease models and creating new ones. It is hoped that enough interest will be generated in the scientific community such that it will serve as a virtual workspace for plant disease model developers that will be released on the DemiWeb website. DeMilia Research LLC also hopes to inspire a new generation of agricultural researchers website by allowing them to interactively explore how plant pests, their transmission vectors, and the environment affect plant host growth on the DemiWeb website.

Our focus is agricultural research and DeMilia Research LLC does not conduct pharmaceutical or medical research. Nevertheless, its’ staff have years of accumulated prior work experience in professional SAS programming, statistics, and data management for clinical trials and medical outcomes research. It would be negligent of us to derive these computational methods from the pharmaceutical literature and not make them available to our medical research brethren. As DeMilia Research LLC implements these computational methods and develops new ones for integration into the DemiAg expert system, it will make them available separately for pharmaceutical researchers via the DemiPharma website. At DeMilia Research LLC, we’ve decided to take that powerful weather data engine being developed for the DemiAg expert system for agricultural pest management and have some fun with it with our upcoming iPhone and iPad app, What Was The Weather. As we develop other scientific computing tools for integration into the DemiAg expert system, it will make them available separately for scientists and the general public via the DemiSci website.

Coming soon. More detailed information about our research.

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