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DeMilia Research LLC is a family owned and operated small business that develops web based computer software applications for agricultural pest management and conducts agricultural research experiments on our family farm. In the past, we paid the bills by providing SAS programming, database development, website design, and statistical consulting services to agricultural researchers, individual scientists, universities, small businesses, health care data providers, and the pharmaceutical industry. We are gradually phasing out our computer consulting services, but if you have a project that you feel that we are particularly suited for then contact us at sales@demiliaresearch.com and let us know the specifics. In the future, we plan to have a fully operational plant disease diagnosis lab up and running on the DeMilia Research Farm where local Triangle area growers can come for assistance.

Our Websites

Each of our websites will serve as a free portal for agricultural and other scientific information. Reference guides, articles, photographs, multimedia, experimental results, scientific data, and other informational content will readily available. Monitored user forums will be included where individuals can post photographs, data, tips, comments, and other information, as well as ask questions that are answered by other users. Most importantly, revolutionary web based computer software applications will be delivered from them all from a centralized personal dashboard.


We will be providing information about advertising services here in the near future. We are adamant that all advertising on our websites be tasteful and appropriately targeted. There we be no annoying banners, pop-up windows, adult advertising, or any of that non-sense. All advertising must consist of products and services that help our users in their farming, gardening, and other endeavors relevant to the website page they are visiting. If you are interested in advertising in the future, please contact us at sales@demiliaresearch.com.

Coming soon. We will have information available about advertising on our site.

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